View Full Version : newfoundland to waterville

barry burnette
04-08-2009, 10:41
I want to do the 3 day hike here. Could you give me the shelters and where i can make the reservations?

Tennessee Viking
04-08-2009, 11:34
Check the Smokies website for backcountry closures right before you make your reservations. Right now, its just Russell Field and Mt LeConte (off AT). (865) 436-1297

Rain Man
04-08-2009, 16:26
newfoundland to waterville -- I want to do the 3 day hike here.

That's gonna be quite a speed hike!!! How 'bout Prince Edward Island to Waterville?

The devil made me do it!!! :D

Here's a link to your shelters list...
AT Shelters (http://www.whiteblaze.net/index.php?page=shelters)

Enjoy your hike. That's a GREAT section to do in April.



04-09-2009, 15:03
prolly have to stay at Peck's Corner then Cosby to make this in 3 days.

...you'd better call early (can be reserved a month in advance) if you're goin this season, especially this month.

Hikes in Rain
04-09-2009, 20:13
That's how I did it. Very nice hike. Plan to spend some time just staring, at the Bunion, Bradley's View, Cammerer Fire Tower, and a number of other places.