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06-03-2004, 12:57
I'm looking at hiking a week or two in August, from Katahdin south.

From the map, it looks possible to start at Roaring Creek and go up to the peak by either of two trails, and then down the AT to Katahdin Stream.

When I called the Park office, they said "that would take too long".

I'm having trouble seeing why (about the same total distance and obviously same elevation gain as going up and down from the "south"!).

Any thoughts or advice?

walkin' wally
06-03-2004, 19:31
I don't know which trails you wanted to take from Roaring Brook to get to Baxter Peak but a lot of people go up Abol trail and then down the Hunt ( Appalachian ) trail as a day hike. They both start from the same road on the "AT side" of the mountain. For me descending the Hunt trail is a heck of a lot faster than climbing it. I love gravity.
If you are thinking of crossing the knife edge from Roaring brook then that will take some time. If you have reservations at Roaring Brook then I don't know about the time issue with say the Saddle Trail (long) or the Cathedral Trail(steep). Maybe it does take too long.
If you are planning day use, I have been refused permission to climb Katahdin at four thirty in the morning as a day visitor at the gatehouse near Togue Pond. I can tell you from several experiences that the people in charge there are very fussy about how many people climb that mountain each day. Their mantra is 'preservation before recreation'.... Whatever your view is, so be it, I guess.


TJ aka Teej
06-03-2004, 21:49
Any thoughts or advice?

Welcome, Rhus
A 10 mile up-and-over carrying a pack with ten days of supplies could take a fit hiker in fair weather 12 hours. And that's just from Roaring Brook to Katahdin Stream Campground, where sobos need a reservation to stay. If you're not staying there, it's another 9 miles out of the Park to the first legal camping.
I always recommend that sobos reserve two nights at Katahdin Stream Campground. That way you don't have to line up at the gate at 4AM and rush to the trailhead. You can set up camp, visit with the other hikers, and get a good night's sleep before you head up to Baxter Peak. Start climbing at first light with a daypack borrowed from the Ranger before the summertime crowds hit the trail, and crash at your site after your big climb. The next day you can hike out to Abol Bridge for a little resupply and snackage, then hike into the 100 mile staying at Hurd Brook your first night.
Baxter has an excellent website at BaxterParkAuthority.com
hope this helps,