View Full Version : Smokies Cell Towers on Hold

Brushy Sage
06-03-2004, 16:37
An article in the Asheville Citizen-Times this morning (Jun 3, '04) reports that the phone company is withdrawing its proposal to build three cell phone towers in the Smokies, and is looking instead at the feasibility of mounting antennas on existing utilities poles.

06-03-2004, 18:17
That is good news !!!! Hope the existing utilities poles work. Sure don't need those darn towers everywhere! :)

papa john
06-03-2004, 19:11
If they have to have them, why not make them like this:



Kozmic Zian
06-03-2004, 20:57
:clap Yea.....Good! Now, just get them completely denied by NPS.:clap

Tha Wookie
06-03-2004, 21:17
Wise compromise... now why don't they do that everywhere?:clap

06-03-2004, 21:21
:clap ......

06-03-2004, 23:01
Great! Hopefully someday the phones will all run by way of satellite.

Rain Man
06-04-2004, 10:15
I'm sure it wuz MY letter I wrote to the Park Superintendent that did it!
Rain Man


06-05-2004, 22:24
I'm sure it wuz MY letter I wrote to the Park Superintendent that did it!
Rain Man


NAH Rain Man, I'm sure you were very polite and respectful. My letter however, ummm,, (cough, cough) prolly got their attention.....

Anybody else have your voice heard by letter or email?

06-05-2004, 22:38
I emailed the govenor, the congressmen, the park, the parks administration (can't remember exactly who) and also emailed some other national park organization, NPF or NPA or NP-something. I should have written to Cingular too, but I had that thought too late.

Kozmic Zian
06-05-2004, 23:57
Yea.....Yours. That's right, Rainman, yours, mine and everybody else that wanted to not have 'towers' goofin' up our woods. [email protected]:clap