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The Weasel
09-04-2002, 14:14
There are three web-based mileage calculators I have used that are useful for planning a thru hike or a long section hike. They are each a little different:


This is a town/shelter calculator, most useful for calculating town-to-town, town-to-shelter (or vice versa) and shelter-to-shelter mileages. Helpful for calculating maildrops, especially if you want to avoid "town days" by knowing shelters close to a particular town. There are some other useful links as well.


This is a very cool calculator that seems to have all towns and trailheads/major road crossings, but not shelters. It is excellent for "precision" mileage calculations, i.e. it has minor state and county road crossings (as shown in the Data Book).


This is a handy calculator to determine number of days anticipated (starting date to finish date) based on assumptions about "zero days" and number of miles per day. This is VERY useful in determining when/where you will need mail drops. One way to use it is to make varying assumptions, i.e. early in your hike, 12 miles a day, after a few weeks, 15 miles a day, after a month or so, 20 miles, or whatever.

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same thing, except more straightforeward and simple. distance between gaps and shelters

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Very helpful - thanks.