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04-11-2009, 15:58
Im new here and have become interested in the AT. On March 21 a group from our church (Burningtown Baptist Franklin, N.C.) set up a sight with a grille a canopy and chairs along the trail at Burningtown Gap. We fed breakfeast ( sausage, tenderloin, ham and jelly biscuts with coffee, milk or OJ), lunch, and supper (hamburgers hotdogs, chips, fresh vegtables, apples, and cookies) to hikers as they passed through. We fed 38 hikers that Saturday and had lots of fun. I enjoyed meeting many hikers and hearing their stories. Some of the trail names I recall where Pokey, Tuna, Trump, Pecan, Almond Joy, Moose, Smokey T, Otto, and Pheonix. I would like to find trail journals or other means to keep up with there progress. Are there other sights like this? I have been intrigued with the trail ever since. That day I hiked to the cold springs shelter. The next day my wife and I rode to the NOC and happened to see some of the same hikers as they progressed. Two weeks ago I hiked from Tellico Gap to Wesser Bald. Im still trying to imagine what its like to be a through hiker. each time the weather changes I wonder what its like on the trail.

04-11-2009, 16:15
:welcome to WhiteBlaze. To check on-line journals go to thru-hiker info at top of page , select articles then scroll down and click on 2009 .

Thanks for helping out fellow hikers .

p.s. ( sounds like the hiking bug done up and bit you):D

04-11-2009, 16:15
Try www.trailjournals.com (http://www.trailjournals.com). Plug the trail name into the search box to find their journals...if they are keeping one.

04-11-2009, 16:19

Yep it's all over now. The bug has bit big time. So happy to say there is no cure. They only way to manage the symptoms is to get out and hike.

04-12-2009, 21:06
Thanks for the info. ShakeyLeggs, Elangomat, and Johnnybgood. Checked our trail log, some of the others that came through were Tom and Anna Sullivan, Bow Willow, Stacey Taylor, Two pounds, Allie, Brian and Selena, Indiana toad, Chocolate chipmunk, Retro, Buzz, Papa Jack, Caveman, Loki, Rocket, McBride, Tom & Josiah Clagett, Jimmy Thomas, Nick and Dog Blue, and Lumpy.
Yes I think the bug has bit. Today was beautiful had to get out a little after church.

04-13-2009, 15:25
Burningtown gap is turning into a popular spot for magic. Here's a short report I just put up on the Thru Hiker Locator forum about some magic we did up there this weekend: