View Full Version : Congratulations to Baltimore Jack yet again!

06-04-2004, 22:41
Just got the May/June ATN and inside a pic of Mt. K with many thru-hikers completing their trek, guess who is sitting in the middle of them all just behind the terminus sign?
I tell you the man is everywhere :)

06-08-2004, 23:18
My Congrats to Balitmore Jack as well. I just read the latest issue of National Geographic Adventure. Way to go Baltimore Jack!

06-09-2004, 09:07
Again, Congrats on the FACE-TIME Jack!

will you sign my copy of the ATN magazine???????? hehehehehehe :D

06-09-2004, 16:37
I also just read the ATN cover to cover and noticed "the man" front and center on the summit sign at Katahdin. It reminded me of the time that Hurricane Floyd roared thru this area causing widespread destruction.(it left a real nice beach across the street though) I arrived to the ferry service that afternoon with Baltimore Jack and starting shaking in my genuine LL Bean Maine boots watching the mighty Kennebec crest over the banks with 25,000 cfs of raging inferno complete with trees bigger than houses going as fast as speed trial laps at Daytona. I motioned Jack to cover me with a safety throw bag downriver when two unsuspecting hikers arrived to cross the river. I like the challenge of running big water but this river level was over the top. After ferrying over to the couple, we worked our way upriver river right for over 200 yards and at that time could barely see Jack on river left. I remember thinking, if this boat goes over there's a snowball chance in }{#// that Jack could pull all three of us to shore or instead he would fire out that safety line and wrangle a floating pine tree and then we would all be headed nonstop to an oceanfront relo. After pumping up the two passengers with tales of the Titanic and other gruesome sea going tragedies, I had adrenaline running out of their nose and ears. We made careful and steady progress eventually landing ashore safely in one piece. Thank God for miracles and Thank God for friends like Baltimore Jack. Right place Right time, Steve Longley

Mountain Dew
06-10-2004, 01:50
Yeah Ferryman, well I once lost a bet to Baltimore Jack and thus had to carry a beer for him heading out of a town on a tough climb. After passing Jack going up one last hill i noticed him smiling at me as he stopped to smoke a cig. When we reached the shelter I noticed not only did I keep up my end of the lost bet, but carried two other beers for him. He knew that I wouldn't drink them either because I don't drink beer. I was tempted to see how many of them I could down before he interupted though. He made it up to me later with a three liter of Mountain Dew !!!