View Full Version : how do i get in touch with friend who doesn't know i am also through hiking

fish the banks
04-15-2009, 09:31
his name is mike gavin from maine . he already started when i found out i knew another through hiker i'd like to hook up with him . i havn't seen him in 20 years. i found out he was hiking through a mutual friend. i do not know his trail name and the member search hasn't turned up anything

Spirit Walker
04-15-2009, 11:33
You might send a letter to him at a post office up the trail - i.e. Damascus or Hot Springs - and let him know you'd like to meet him along the way. If he's interested, he'll leave a message with his schedule or a way of contacting him via email or cell phone. Trouble is, if he's way ahead, the only way you are likely to catch him is if you skip up the trail to wherever he is. That is, assuming he's still on the trail.

04-16-2009, 01:24
Leave messages with a couple of popular hostels ahead of where he might be with a way for him to contact you. And tell all the hikers you meet to spread the word. News travels up and down the trail by word of mouth.

04-19-2009, 16:30
ask faster hikers who are passing you to pass the word forward ie up the trail (assuming your are NOBO). You could also post here and on Trail Journals.com If you could find a SOBO who is way up norht he or she could ask evry NOBO if they are from Maine.

Many Walks
04-19-2009, 17:09
Call Mount Rogers Outfitters in Damascus and explain. If they agree to help they can make a note for him with instructions on how to contact you. They may put up a note at the register with his name on it. They were great about doing a similar thing by posting a note for parents of a guy we were hiking with. He'll no doubt go into MRO and see his name. If they do, please make a point of buying something there for their help to support a great resource for the trail.