View Full Version : springer to boardtown 4/21-4/27

04-20-2009, 13:59
I'm planning a hike for 6 days/5 nights. I have all the gear ready, a rough menu packed, and a way to and from the endpoints. What I need is a good camp site somewhere between Payne Gap at mile 2.1 of section 4, and the north fork of Laurel Creek at mile 9.4 of section 6. (I don't feel up to making a 20.2 mile day between those locations)
Should I plan to stop at Garland Gap (mile 4.2 of section 5) or is there a better place North of there?
Also, anyone else want to join up? I realize it's short notice, but it looks like it will be beautiful weather.

05-11-2009, 20:54
How did your hike go? Ill be in the section the first week of June.