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06-07-2004, 18:59
Hello everyone. Well, I just finished up an 87 mile AT hike last week and was able to "field test" my HH Asym. What a great experience! Temps were in the 50's and it did rain one night. I was very concerned that the tarp would not hold out the rain but I stayed dry. Glad to know that fear is averted. I used my 20 deg. Blue Kazoo and stayed comfortable. Also tried using a ridgecrest one night as an insulator. It was a little tricky keeping the pad underneath but I managed. All in all I'm very happy with the HH. I want to thank the forum for all the tips and tricks. They certainly helped me on the first run using a hammock. I'd still like to see if a tyvek tube around the outside of the hammock would cause any appreciable heat capture. Hey it's a house wrap. Anyone ever tried it before?