View Full Version : Columbus, OH to SNP June 18th-21st

06-08-2004, 08:53
My father and I are heading out to the AT in Northern VA to meet up with my brother who is doing a thru hike this year. While I don't have the exact locations yet, here is our basic plan.

Leave Columbus Friday the 18th sometime after noon.
Arrive in VA late (6pm-10pm) Friday night. Either say in a hotel/hostel, local campgrounds or a campsite near trailhead. [TBD]
Hike Sat, Sun and Half of Monday NOBO along the AT
Get back to our car (there is a good chance we will park at the end point as I think we already have a shuttle arranged to take us back south Friday night or Saturday morning.)
Monday, Drive home to CMH
Arrive in CMH late Monday (probably after or near sunset)
Last time I spoke with my brother he estimated that he would be at the Northern end of SNP by next Friday. Which means we'd probably meet up with him in Lurray, VA or Front Royal, VA (the later would be ideal).

We have room for 1-3 (maybe more if my Dad brings his full size van) folks on the drive to/from Columbus. Toss in a few bucks for gas and my Dad will be happy.

You don't have to hike with us, you can do your own thing as long as you make it back to the car Monday for the drive home. This means that if you want to head SOBO into SNP you could as long as you make it back to the car Monday. In fact, if our shuttle north falls through and you chose to do a SOBO out-n-back (or a loop) you could drive our car North to pick us up on Monday afternoon.

Obviously there are quite a few details missing. They should be fleshed out this coming weekend as I'll be talking with my father more and should receive another call from my brother. But I wanted to make the offer know now, so folks could put it on their calendars.

Contact me off list if you are interested.

Yellow Jacket

06-14-2004, 10:10
A few more details....

We are leaving Friday (18-June) at noon from CMH. Are planning to meet up with my brother in Elkton and/or Swift Run Gap (US33) Friday evening. Hike north through SNP until US211 (Monday afternoon) and hitch back.