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04-24-2009, 23:05
I'm getting ready to take off in less than two weeks for a 130 mile hike on the Superior Hiking Trail, Border Route and Kekekabic Trail through the Boundary Waters (Part of the NCT Arrowhead Re-route). I'll be part of a small group. One of the women going is in charge of all the meal planning and prep. She makes and dehydrates all her own food. I just thought I'd share what our menu will be, as an example of what is possible with a dehydrator and a bit of experience. Actually, she has a lot of experience and, hopefully, will write a book someday. Here's our dinner menu:

Eggplant w/tomato sauce and spaghetti
Chocolate pudding
Spanish rice w/salami, Cinnamon pears
Beef-barley stew, Caraway dumplings, Cranberry-apple compote
Cheesy bacospuds, Olive salad, Tootsie rolls
Mushroom bacospuds, Veggie chips, Peach gingerbread cobbler
Tuckered In (an apple/sweetpotato/sausage dish), Cole slaw, Riesen candies
Buttermilk dill soup, Veggie chips, cinnamon rolls
Tuna-rice curry, Peanuts, Banana pudding
Chicken tetrazzini w/spinach, Pineapple torte (this is the heavy one)
Maple squash w/sausage, Rice cakes, Tootsie rolls
Salmon fettucini Alfredo w/spinach, Grasshopper pie
Broccoli soup, Veggie crackers, Rice pudding
15-bean soup, cornbread, lemon pudding

I've had some of these before, as well as samples of the "shakes" that she makes. All have been Fantastic! I'm really looking forward to eating in style on this trip.

04-24-2009, 23:36
Wow. You have room for one more person?

Seems fairly labor intensive--what happens if no one feels like cooking after a really long day in a downpour?

Just for fun, you should print up menu cards for each dinner. Sounds like a great trip.

04-24-2009, 23:41
My mouth is watering. I dehydrated for our trip but my stuff was simple. Just add water is what I loved about it. I hope you will share tips. What is a bacospud?

04-26-2009, 20:25
She did write a book. It is "North Country Cache", an interesting read.
I hope she writes another after she finishes the NCT.

I wish she would write a camp cook book. I think I could adapt her recipes to my "freezer bag" method.


04-26-2009, 21:21
You seriously need to get some dehydrated wine to go with some of those. Or maybe a nice case of dehydrated Guinness. If you buy the Guinness, I'll dehydrate it for you!