View Full Version : Sanity Check: State Line Trail, NJ--NJ 94

04-29-2009, 22:55
Sorry for the double post, but I'm hoping more people will see this here:

The wife and I will next tackle the stretch between the State Line Trail junction just inside New Jersey, and the NJ 94 crossing north of Vernon. It will be this coming weekend (May 2-3), and we'll spend the night at Wawayanda Shelter, the only legal camping spot. Any information, hints, things to watch out for, etc., anyone could give on this stretch would be greatly appreciated, particularly the following:

--How safe is the parking on NJ 94? I note on the Wawayanda Shelter thread that someone had his back window broken there.
--Speaking of the shelter, is the bear box functioning properly there?
--What are the hours of the Wawayanda park office?
--Are we going to be devoured alive by the bugs?

Thanks to all in advance, and thanks again for the help with our last hike as well. I promise I'll have the trip report and pictures up sometime. :rolleyes: