View Full Version : Scorpian--thru-hiker

06-11-2004, 01:04
Just as last years white blaze members A-train, Skeemer, and Footslogger did their hikes, fellow subpar 500 member Scorpian is attempting his 2004 thru-hike. Scorpian is a laid back recent stockbroker retiree going for his dream....I met him on the trail on March 29th 2003...a class act.

He is not keeping a trailjouranal entry but I did private messages with him prior to his March 8th departure...he left with a base weight of less than 14 pounds and he has proceeded very nicely as far as mileage.

He is using a G-4 pack and carrying a WM Megalite bag and custom cooking equipment (alcholol stove, etc)

If you go to Trailjournals.com and go to "Einstein" he includes Scorpian in most of the posts for almost 1/2 the trail...after that go to "Tell it like it is " and she and Scorpian have been hiking together a couple of weeks.

Join me in going to "Tell it like it is" journal entry and send encouragement to our "Scorpian"!!!