View Full Version : Knoxville- Mapstore closing sale

05-03-2009, 13:16
For you Knoxville locals, the Maps Store is closing and everything is on sale. So if you need any TI maps, quads, AT map sets, relief maps, OLD smoky maps (I got the last 1941 map though) etc... head on over and load up.

There's not many stores like this one, so it fun just to look around at all the cool stuff even if you aren't buying.

Roan Creeper
05-03-2009, 19:20
Sigh, I bought a bunch of maps from them for work in the past. I hate seeing locals closing.

05-03-2009, 21:44
Does anyone have a link, or specific name, location, number?

05-04-2009, 12:33
they don't have a website, but here's some info: