View Full Version : sept hike info

05-05-2009, 17:32
Me And My Hiking Buddy R Planning A Hike In Sept From Rt 501 In Va. To Rockfish Gap Going North We Have 1 Week To Do It ,?? How Is The Trail In This Sect. We Have Hiked From Vt To Rockfish Gap Trying To Get Another Sect. Done Before I Go On Trail Crew In Oct Will Be Going With Atc.crew In New York So How Good Is It ,and My Buddy Is Kind Of A Wimp So Can He Do It :-?

05-05-2009, 19:57
Good but a bit tougher section in VA; too bad can't do it in Oct. for the leaves. Spy Rock has great views so take the short detour there. Many say the Dutch Haus is a great place to stay. A good climb from Rt 60 and also the Three Ridges section.