View Full Version : Questions - Section hike N from 19E to Damascus

05-08-2009, 22:54
and points north. I have about 2 weeks to hike - if on the slow side 10mi/day, if fast 15 (depends on how it goes) starting next week.

I recall from old discussions there was talk of moving the 19E crossing just north of the Apple Orchard shelter somewhere else to avoid the road. Did that happen? (old maps)

How are the conditions in that neck of the woods? I see from other posts that it's a bit rainy. I do admit two weeks in the rain would not be fun, endurable but not fun - did that one three years ago - ugh.

I am assuming (yeah I know) that the with the rain the water is better than it was a few years ago with the drought?

Any good tips for this section of the walk?

Thanks in advance 8)