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05-10-2009, 11:15
My mother was my cub scout leader, and helped introduce me to nature, hiking, camping, etc. It's brag on mom time, tell us your best..mom story...... Mom's feel free to pat yourselves on the back and tell us what you've done with your little hikers!!!!

05-10-2009, 11:22
I'd like to say HAPPY MOTHERS DAY to all the mothers on WhiteBlazes.

Mrs Baggins
05-10-2009, 11:44
I appreciate it greatly! Thank you very much. I raised two kids - a daughter, age 27 and a son, age 22. The daughter admires my love for hiking and tells people her mom is a "crazy hiker lady!" :) But she has no real interest in hiking. Our son overnighted with us twice when he was 16 and was so proud of himself. He day hikes often, around 8 miles usually, and is always willing to go with us when he has the time. He's taken friends out on his dayhikes to share his interest with them.

05-10-2009, 13:12
A very blessed Mother's Day to all you moms here on WB, member's moms and wives of your children . . . may God bless you exceedingly, abundantly, in every way.

Saint Alfonzo
05-10-2009, 13:23
Summit. You do have a way with words..Very Elegant and from the Heart..I agree with with You. HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY...

Pacific Tortuga
05-10-2009, 13:50
OK, fes-up. Did anyone buy their Mothers Day gift at REI for the discount or to boost the year ending divided check ?
I usually do that for her B day present.