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05-11-2009, 12:48
I have joined the nearly 3000 other Whiteblazers who have read HIKER7s thread, "How Did You Become A Wanderer" since it starting in December 2007. Thank you, HIKER7s. It's a wonderful thread and I hope it continues.

Those of you interested in wandering will enjoy this story, recently published in the Durango (CO) Herald newspaper, entitled:

End of the Trail?

Discovery of Everett Ruess' remains solves 75-year-old mystery - or not...

by Andrew Gulliford

COMB RIDGE, Utah - Exploring the Southwest on foot and with burros in the early 1930s, 20-year-old vagabond artist Everett Ruess wrote, "I shall always be a lone wanderer of the wilderness. ... I'll never stop wandering. And when the time comes to die, I'll find the wildest, loneliest, most desolate spot there is."

Now we know he did.

Enjoy this fascinating story at:


The article ends with these appropriate words...

"America needs and loves its wilderness heroes, and as a young romantic artist Ruess will always represent solo hiking lonely trails and the passion of following a dream."

Wander on you wilderness heroes!


See ya!