View Full Version : Outfitters in Newport News?

05-12-2009, 16:45
I'm moving to Newport News after my thru-hike next year and I'm hoping to find any outfitters in that area for jobs or just buying for my next adventure. Does anyone know of places nearby? The closest REI is 131 miles away. :p Thanks!

05-12-2009, 18:23
There's a Blue Ridge Mountain Sports in Williamsburg and another in Virginia Beach. Williamsburg is closer to Newport News (and I wouldn't want to commute across the tunnels to Va Beach), but it depends exactly where you end up. N.N. is a long skinny city.

Plenty of good flatwater adventures, and great birding in that area.

05-12-2009, 18:59
I have been in the one in Virginia Beach several times. Reminds me of an REI format. People are great and the prices are resonable. Plenty of things to do and only a couple of hours away (west bound) from some really nice backpacking.

05-12-2009, 19:15
Yeah the one in Va Beach is pretty cool, and worse case scenario there's also Dick's and Bass pro Shop

05-12-2009, 19:15
Sounds like you are getting transferred to Ft Eustus?

05-12-2009, 19:42
Listed as a water store but does quite a bit of backpacking business as well. Its sole store is in Va Beach approx 25-30 miles from Newport News

totally Boagus
05-12-2009, 19:54
the BRMS in Williamsburg is good for all sorts of gear. Anything you need from backpacking, climbing and water sports. Nice folks as well......

05-13-2009, 20:29
Jacks R Better isn't exactly a full service outfitter, but they are cool to meet and see their operation. They are about 15 min from NN.

05-13-2009, 22:35
Would you guys mind adding some addresses if you know them? My nephews live right off post and I go up to see them about every other weekend.

05-14-2009, 03:32
Williamsburg is closer to Newport News (and I wouldn't want to commute across the tunnels to Va Beach)

Definitely concur with you on the tunnel traffic bigcranky. Stationed at Langley AFB for 2 years and not a day would pass w/out some type of back-up in one of the tunnels!

Keidallmer: You can always work in the outdoor section the "Bass Pro Shops" store they have in Newport News? :)