View Full Version : PCT - Southern Section Hike Recommendation

Ankle Bone
05-13-2009, 21:12
I live in the east and have hiked sections of the AT, but my son is now in Southern Cal and we'd like to hike a section on the PCT on my next trip out. Any advice for first timers on a good 2-3 day section east of LA-Orange County-So Cal is much appreciated.

Also, any particular times to go or avoid?

05-13-2009, 21:27
It's gonna get hot by June.
If you have to go after that, i'd recommend San Jacinto (between Palm Springs and Idylwild)
Also, if you drive north a bit, you have Baden Powell (just north of Wrightwood)

Also, if you don't mind not being on the PCT, there are some great hikes in Josua Tree NP and Anza Borrega desert, if you like desert hiking but like i said, it'll get hot soon.

05-14-2009, 09:43
Rather than a loop, try hiking up to Mount Baden Powell. It's very pretty and should be hikable pretty much year round. Otherwise, get it in the car and drive to Mammoth and hike a loop based out of Reds Meadow.

Ankle Bone
05-14-2009, 21:47
Thanks everyone. It will probably be an August hike, and Baden Powell looks like a good option. Two other questions:

Baden Powell looks like a day hike. Any advice on start/stop with one night of camping? Can you camp on or near the summit or is this not a good idea?

Happy trails!