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05-13-2009, 21:50
My husband and I, two other couples, and our dog are planning a backpacking trip in early June. We've decided Colorado is our destination, but are still researching where exactly to go. We're coming (by car) from Abilene, TX, so we'd like to stay in the southern half of CO. We're looking for about a 3 day/3 night hike that will take us near some good trout fishing waters. We thought a loop-trail would be nice, to avoid going up and down the same trail, but that may not be possible. There are various levels of experience within our group, so moderate terrain would be best. We plan to pack in everything we need. Any advice would be great! Thanks..

05-13-2009, 23:25
There is a trailhead parking lot that is pretty remote, maybe 15 miles north of Creede on the CDT.
I don't know how to get there by car as i only ever walked in.
There is a nearby creek that might be big enough for trout fishing. If it is, it'd probably be good as i doubt too many people go in there to fish it. (it's pretty easy hiking in there)

Another option might be the headwaters of the Rio Grande in the San Juan Nat. Forest.
Again, it is a little small where the CDT crosses it as the CDT is often up high of course.
Downstream from there is a big reservoir (Roosevelt??) and i imagine there's fishing there.

Another possible choice is to take the train from Silverton south to where it crosses the CDT and you can get off there. That is rugged country and not moderate hiking but taking the train would make it easier. There is a river there i believe that might be big enough.

WY and MT have more choices that i know of but ...........

Have fun.

05-13-2009, 23:34
You will have to be aware of run off. It will be going full force in about a week to a week in a half. It usally last about a month. You can fish in some mountain lakes. The ice is coming off of them now and the fish are hungary. Try any BWO (blue wing olive) and any type of nymph pattern. Blue mesa reservoir is a good spot to hike and fish although that may be a little to far west for you guys. The lake trout are in really shallow now. But they will probably move out into deeper water in June. Rainbows and browns will be all over. You could go to the park if you want to drive a little further and catch some greenbacks. Once again run off.