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05-16-2009, 11:52
Ok, so I should know where this is but I can't think of it. It's been a duh moment all day.

05-16-2009, 16:28
Ok I don't feel so bad since 42 people have looked an no1 knows lol

05-16-2009, 16:30
I think it was in Philly, but I could be way off

05-16-2009, 16:47
is it on the American Heritage Trail

(Rimshot) ;)

le loupe
05-16-2009, 16:48
how about boston?

05-16-2009, 16:49
Actually from the prelim googling, it looks like it is in DC?

05-16-2009, 16:52
Could be either Boston DC or Philly, I don't remember which. I keep thinking it was Philly close to the Liberty bell, I don't think it was DC I think the one in DC is called the African American Heritage Trail. Maybe if I wasn't such a tramp I could remember what was in which town lol

le loupe
05-16-2009, 16:54
after some research it appears that this photo is from the Selby Abbey, 12 miles south of York, England. Apparently there is an American Heritage Trail in this area. This was Geo. Washington's family parish and theStars & Stripes is believed to have originated here as found in the stained glass and Washington Coat-of-arms.

Therefore, unless you've been to England you've never seen it before

for more photos see this girls photostream-


05-16-2009, 17:02
thats it too a t even the same pic. Never been to england but the pic caught my eye the kind of thing u see and think I have seen that b4 but cant think where. I wonder if somewhere in the US there is a placard like it?