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Lemni Skate
05-16-2009, 19:20
I've been knocking around the Eastern Side of the Central Section of SNP this spring and I think this is would be a great area for someone to tackle a 3-7 day backpacking trip (you could even plan it so you come out at Big Meadows at some point if you want to resupply. Corbin Cabin could be put on the agenda along with Old Rag and White Oak Canyon. There are some restrictions on camping in White Oak Canyon and near the summit of Old Rag.

Bring your fly fishing stuff and you'd really be in heaven.

Any suggested multi day ideas?

Lemni Skate
05-16-2009, 19:48
Here's one I was considering:

1. Start on Hazel River Trail off of 600.
2. Turn Right on White Rocks Trail
3. Turn Left on Hazel Mountain Trail
4. Take Right on Catlett Spur Trail
5. Right on Catlett Mountain
6. Left onto Hannah Run Trail
7. Turn Right onto NIcholson Hollow Trail (Spend Night at Corbin Cabin--Reserve ahead from PATC)

1. Continue on Nicholson Hollow Trail
2. Cross Skyline Drive and turn left on AT
3. Stop at Skyland for some Lunch
4. Big Meadows for Dinner and camp (or lodge)

Day 3
1. Take Dark Hollow Falls Trail
2. Turn Left onto Rose River Loop Trail
3. Turn Right onto Skyland Big Meadows Horse Trail
4. Turn Right onto Cedar Run Trail for nonstop waterfall action.
5. Turn Left onto Cedar Run Link Trail (maybe camp here as you can't camp on White Oak Canyon Trail)

Day 4
1. Finish Cedar Run Link Trail
2. Turn Left onto White Oak Canyon Trail
3/ Turn Right on Big Meadows Skyland horse trail
4. Turn Right on Old Rag fire road
5. Follow Saddle Trail to summit
6. Take Ridge down and do rock scramble (backwards from ow most do it.
7. Follow Road from parking lot and turn left on Nicholson Hollow Trail
8. Camp along here once you leave private property

Day 5
1. Continue on Nicholson Hollow Trail
2. Turn Right on Short Mountain Trail
3. Turn Left on Hazel Mountain Trail
4. Turn Right on Sams Ridge Trail
5. Return to trailhead

I think this will take you along some of the finest areas the park has to offer. In my humble opinion it would give one a better idea of what the park is about that simply taking the AT straight thru.

Ol Mole
05-16-2009, 20:19
It looks good for a refreshing part of the week. I've been through it many times and it is some of the best that SNP has to offer. If you find extra time, look for a trip to Hawksbill or over to Old Rag. They are jewels also.

Happy trails

Lemni Skate
05-17-2009, 07:51
On the second day you could get off of the AT at Hawksbill Gap and hike to summit of Hawksbill and then come down the other side and rejoin the AT near Rock Spring Hut and Cabin (which could be a second night camping spot as opposed to Big Meadows, then you could get up early and hike into Big Meadows for Breakfast).

The 4th day of my hike takes you to the Summit of Old Rag.

I've hiked all of this except my day 1 and day 5 agendas (and some of the Big Meadows/Skyland horse trail.

I could see somebody who was an uberhiker doing my day 2 thru 4 hikes in one day.

If you were in incredible shape it would be a terrific way to see a lot of the best of Shenendoah in one day, but I'd slow down and do it in two.

I'll try to post this hike idea later today. Heading to church now.