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05-17-2009, 15:58
Im Looking For A Nice Overnight Hike On The At. Im From Scranton,pa, I Did From Wind Gap 2 The Dwg (rocky My Ankles Were Killing) Stayed At The Kirkridge Shelter. Looking For Another Sweet Overnighter Thx A Bunch-punkinpuss

05-17-2009, 20:30
My favorite parts of the Northern half of PA for an overnighter are Port Clinton to Eckville Rd (Windsor Furnace, Pulpit Rock and the Pinnacles), and also from Rt 309 to Leheigh Gap (the Knife Edge and Bake Oven Knob). If you can't escape the rocks, at least you get some great views!

05-17-2009, 22:25
The Pinnacle and Hawk Mountain Road to be exact.

Ridge Rat
05-17-2009, 22:46
I like doing eckville to port clinton a lot... Hike in from eckville, hit the pinnacle, the pulpit, and stay at pine grove furnace shelter... hike out to port clinton day 2... not a bad deal and makes for a quick overnight hike

05-17-2009, 22:59
The shelter to which you refer is Windsor Furnace Shelter.

Bonus: Some people might not realize Pine Grove and Pine Grove Furnace are two different Pennsylvania locations not at all near one another.

Ridge Rat
05-18-2009, 07:38
yeah, your right... Didnt have maps or guidebook in front of me... I got a little mixxed up but same difference... Still a good hike and I didnt steer him wrong on road crossings or trail heads

05-19-2009, 14:00
did some homework and im going this saturday... thx for the tip

05-19-2009, 14:29
Visit Hawk Mountain Sanctuary (http://www.hawkmountain.org) and Cabela's. Eat at Deitsch Eck in Lenhartsville.

If you have any questions or concerns, BMECC's caretaker at Eckville may be able to clear them up for you. Ye Olde Backpacker in Port Clinton may be able to help with a shuttle or answer specific questions about Port Clinton.

Bring a tent. There's an increasing amount of NOBO through hiker traffic in Berks County.

Camping is permitted only at Windsor Furnace Shelter or in the immediate vicinity. Much of the terrain you will traverse is Hamburg's watershed.

08-06-2009, 18:42
Are there any loops trails that includes the Port Clinton area? I have a three day weekend and need an excape.

08-10-2009, 08:37
I did my own dayhike loop a few years ago using the KTA A.T. maps on the east side of Port Clinton out to the Pinnacle shortcut trail and back around. Obviously you could lengthen it by heading out around to the Pinnacle itself. The trail that comes out on a side street on the east side of P.C. shown on the KTA map had posted signs on it coming from the street, but I was coming from the other way and didn't pass the signs until it was too late.

There is another trailhead to Weiser State Forest about a mile north on the east side of PA 61, but coming out there would involve using said PA 61 to make the loop. :O

Making three days out of looping east side of Port Clinton would seem to involve going realllly slowwwly. Michaux State Forest (Caledonia/Pine Grove Furnace area) is likely a better bet for creating a three day circuit around the PA A.T., using 2 (!) PATC A.T. maps.

Or maybe heading out to PA trails beyond the A.T.

Hoop Time
08-10-2009, 18:00
There is another trailhead to Weiser State Forest about a mile north on the east side of PA 61, but coming out there would involve using said PA 61 to make the loop. :O[/quote]

You don't want to road walk 61.