View Full Version : Six Moon Design Lunar Duo

Chaco Taco
05-17-2009, 22:37
Visited the Six Moon Designs Tent at Traildays and am really interested in this tent. Id like some feedback about it. I understand the specs and there is a 6 oz difference in the Ultralight floor and the Standard. Is the ultralite floor really delicate?

05-18-2009, 11:34

Lots of info there,seems everone has positive things to say about it. I just used one on a couple trips. Great tent in my opinion.

05-18-2009, 11:43
I have this tent with the ultralight floor and have had no problems even with a big dog that sleeps in the tent.

Chaco Taco
05-19-2009, 18:00
Thanks for the link, for some reason I couldnt find it earlier.
Thanks for the feedback. We really want this tent

05-19-2009, 21:59
Received my new duo last week and it has rained so much I finally just set it up in my back yard yesterday. Awesome. Cant wait to test it our this weekend. Packs so small and weighs so little...especially for the amount of room. I will definitley carry extry guy lines though.