View Full Version : Parking at Harper's Ferry?

06-20-2004, 22:20
I'm sure there's lots of options, but we are coming from WI and meeting our "shuttle," my sister, in Harper's Ferry, so if we knew where we were going it would be a great help. Is there a specific spot for hikers to park? We will be gone 3 nights. Is there a cost?
Thanks for the help.

Lone Wolf
06-20-2004, 22:25
You can park at the National Park visitors center for up to 2 weeks. Inquire at the gate. I don't remember if there is a fee or not.

06-20-2004, 22:27
A good, safe place to park is the visitor's center. It costs $6 to get in, but there is no daily fee for leaving your car. Just be sure to go inside and register your car with the park office. Then you catch the park shuttle into town where you pick up the trail just a short distance from the bus shuttle area.

Happy trails to you. I did the Md. section about 4 weeks ago. It is a great section! :jump