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05-19-2009, 22:20
My 3 buddies and I are looking for a pretty secluded area in NH somewhere near a river or lake for fishing. We are not big fans of public campsites, and plan on being out there by ourselves for a few days. Any suggestions?

05-19-2009, 22:24
Forgot to mention that we plan on tent camping.

05-20-2009, 11:23
Using NH Fish and Games stocking reports from this year and last year and various AMC maps of the White Mountain National Forest I found a couple areas off the beaten path with stocked streams and ponds on or near hiking trails.

From the Sandwich Notch Road in the Sandwich Range The Guinea Pond, Black Mtn Pond, and Flat Mtn Pond Trails access stocked waters including Guinea Pond, Black Mtn Pond, Flat Mtn Pond and the Beebe River. The Hall Ponds and Bearcamp River are closer to the Notch Rd and also stocked. It may be possible to find free car camping opportunities along the Notch Rd which is a rugged, unpaved USFS road passable by truck or high clearance car. Camping along the trails falls under the WMNF backcountry camping rules, basically don't camp to close to water or trails.

The other area that I thought of offers spectacular hiking opportunities eastern Carter Range - Evans Notch area. The Wild River and Mountain Pond are both stocked and can be accessed from various trailheads along Rte 113 along the NH-ME stateline. This area is much less traveled compared to the busier hiking centers in the Whites (as is the Sandwich Area). The better known summits of the Carters can be accessed by lesser known trails via the Wild River and Bald Face Peaks are two of my favorite above treeline summits in NH. There are some USFS shelters in the area but there are many other camping opportunities too. In addition to the Backcountry Rules some areas of the Wild River fall under the camping policies of the Wild River Wilderness Area.

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