View Full Version : AT open to Baxter Peak today.

TJ aka Teej
05-20-2009, 20:24
The Hunt and Abol Slide trails opened up officially today, 20 May.

'09 May 20th for both Hunt and Abol.
'08 May 29th (Park had canceled May 15th opening)
'07 May 31st
'06 May 18th (Abol May 15th)
'05 June 4th (Abol May 30th)
'04 May 16th
'03 May 24th
'02 May 15th (Day hikers summited via Abol May 10th)
'01 prior to May 20th
'00 Memorial Day Weekend
'99 May 18th (per South Walker '99)

05-20-2009, 20:32