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05-21-2009, 00:57
I'm taking my girlfriend backpacking on the AT from Newfound Gap to Davenport in a month or so. I was looking at making it a 4 day 3 night trip with the first night at Icewater springs for an easy first day. Also I was planning on staying at Cosby so that the last day would be a little less than 10 miles including the trip to Mt. Cammerer.

I don't know what shelter we should stay at the 2nd night. Would it be good to skip pecks corner and stay at Tricorner then Cosby or stay at Pecks and skip tricorner? I've done part parts of this section but not the whole thing and I wasn't sure which section should be our long day.



05-21-2009, 01:10
One of them was kinda a crappy spot, it was well off the trail and the privy was a hike from the shelter, but I don't remember which it was

05-21-2009, 04:50
One of them was kinda a crappy spot, it was well off the trail and the privy was a hike from the shelter, but I don't remember which it was

That would be Pecks... .4 miles off the trail.

If I could choose betweek Pecks Corner and Tricorner I'd definitely pick Tricorner. It's just off the trail with a blasting piped spring right in front of shelter. I was there during a ice storm last year so it wasn't a problem but I bet that spring could make a real mess in front of the shelter in warm weather. I remember water coming out like it was a fire hydrant....

Hikes in Rain
05-21-2009, 05:40
Peck's is well off the trail, but it's a pretty nice place. Good water, but way down a hill. Old growth forest. Privy right at the junction of two trails, with only a tiny little door. Not much privacy! Stayed there when I did this section last year. Pecks, then Cosby.

But if you're coming from Icewater, might well want to push on the five miles to Tricorner. It was pretty nice, too, with the easiest water on the trail.

With four days to make that section, you'll have lots of time to explore side trails. Have a great trip!

Mrs Baggins
05-21-2009, 06:50
Stayed at both Pecks and Tri-Corner. Pecks has a pretty, very peaceful setting but the privy is back up the hill (had it's own massive herd of flies - and that was in early May before the real heat set in) and while the hike down is no big deal, hiking back up in the morning can be if you're really sore or tired. Tri-Corner is nice, with that spring right there in front of the shelter and the privy a short, level, walk away. Nice picnic table, too. Pecks also has a horse hitching post - - suppose that could be a problem in the heat (flies) if riders spent the night there.

05-21-2009, 08:04
I did that section last November. Started mid-afternoon at Newfound Gap, stayed at Icewater the first night. The next morning I passed the turn-off to Peck's well before lunch, and stayed at Tricorner. Tricorner is a decent shelter, good water source, nice skylights in the roof, okay privy.

The next day I got to Cosby Knob at 1130, and couldn't see staying the whole afternoon so I just hiked on to Standing Bear Farm and my car.

It's a very nice section of trail, not a lot of huge climbs, somewhat remote (for the A.T.), and I enjoyed it.

05-21-2009, 14:44
Go on to Tricorner as Pecks is to short of a hike and with he flies it was not fun setting around.

05-21-2009, 14:57
For the itinerary you have stated both Pecks and Tricorner will work. You are not on a thru-hike so don't be concerned with Pecks being .4 miles (and down a hill), it's just a part of the trip.

I would select Pecks over Tricorner for your trip. I would select Tricorner over Pecks on a thru.

05-24-2009, 12:58
tri corner is a bit higher in elevation so it might be a small bit cooler if it's hot

Chaco Taco
05-24-2009, 13:13
The only downfall at Tricorner is that the privy is very close to the shelter and you can smell it during busy times. The water runs in front of the shelter. Pecks is a great spot. I know the .4 down is a turnoff, but its only .4 and it aint really all that bad. Its really up to you and your gf. The Smokies have alot to offer. I suggest taking a left onto the Boulevard Trail and exploring the Jump Off. Its just before Icewater Springs Shelter.