View Full Version : new AT hiker seeks access points

Crazy Janey
06-22-2004, 13:09
Hi, I am planning to do a section hike for the first time next spring. I'll be hiking for 10 days. Just curious if there is a book or website that lists all the access points? I am in NEPA, but willing to drive to NY and go south or VA and go north. Not exactly familiar with shuttles. Any tips would be great. :)

Lone Wolf
06-22-2004, 13:13
Buy the AT Data Book and the AT Thru-Hikers Companion from the ATC. They have all the roads and access trails listed.

Crazy Janey
06-22-2004, 13:15
It's on my list of things to get. Wasn't sure if it would list the access points, but since it does, I'll buy it today. Thanks.

06-22-2004, 13:24
Here's a link to another unique document that has directions and pictures to many road access points: http://www.rit.edu/~nmpub/ATBOOK.pdf

FYI, I'm going to be in the New York City area this weekend and decided to hike the 20+ miles from around Unionville to Warwick Turnpike. I'll be hammocking on Friday night outside of Unionville and on Saturday night somewhere north of the Pochuck Mountain summit. I've arranged a shuttle from Bob Boyle who's one of the shuttlers listed by the ATC at http://www.appalachiantrail.org/hike/pdfs/ATshuttle_05-11-04.pdf. For a long-distance shuttle (e.g., NY->VA), your best bet is probably to have a shuttler drive you to a Greyhound station.

Crazy Janey
06-22-2004, 13:31
Great info. Thanks! :)

06-22-2004, 14:58
Another resource I've found very helpful for my section hikes are the guidebooks in the "Exploring the Appalachian Trail" series. The book breaks the trail up into dayhikes and overnight backpacking trips so there is plenty of detail about the best places to park and access the trail. I use it in combination with the ATC's guidebook that comes with the maps and have found it very helpful.

It probably isn't necessary if you've already bought the companion & data book, but thought I would mention it anyway.
- Ivy