View Full Version : I wish I could leave today.

06-22-2004, 19:38
I finally broke down and spent money today. I went to one of the two independant outfitters in town and bought a Cat's Meow bag, and a prolite 4 pad. Then I went to the other indie store, and bought a Clip Flashlight tent with footprint, and a stuff sack for my sleeping pad.
I am so excited! I wish I could be on the trail tonight! March 1st seems as far away to me today as Christmas would when I was a kid. It is like it is never going to get here.

06-24-2004, 16:33
Jumpin around here ain't it! Where is everybody?

Congrats on the new equipment. Now you'll have to take it for a spin.

My wife has the CatWalk (i think that's the name) similar to the bag you bought an likes it quite well

Totally Different Subject
08-29-2004, 14:33
Hey all.

I hear you loud and clear with the itchy feet and all. Buying gear sure perpetuates ones desire.

I've bought all my skeleton gear (pack, bag, pad, etc.) and am now experimenting with clothing.

I've also decided to retire my Montrail AT (old-fashioned) one-piece leather boots. Heavy. And instead, goto a lighter pair of hiking shoes my Merrell. I've heard from folks on the AT that after abit of hiking your ankles build up.

Funny, I ran into some folks who ran into some SOBO hikers recently who are now hiking in flip-flops. Feet callussed to the point where it works. Go figure- flip flops.

Best of Luck

Three Moose

10-11-2004, 18:16
i hope you plan to talk more on the trail or i'm in for a quiet 5 months, , i'm ready except for my mail drops, my pack is in the corner so i can see it everyday , i'll see you april 2nd.

11-07-2004, 11:14
I started walking 5 miles every day about three months ago. This week a plan to start carrying my fuul load.

I did the same last year for two months before I hit the trail and had very few pains or problems on the approach trail.

I used a Cat's Meow for 3 years. Great bag.

Got to go walk.... See ya up the trail

12-20-2004, 15:47
I'm chomping at the bit myself, which just gets my wife and father in law (both have completed a NoBo Thru) excited as well. Trail fever is extremely contagious! Good luck beating the fever folks, I'm failing miserably, only 2 weeks to go for me now though, YIPPEE!!!


12-24-2004, 15:08
I have the Cat's Meow...great bag! I will say though that my feet were a little cold when we hiked the West Highland Way last summer. (Summer's in the Scottish Highlands are not very warm!).

I am looking into getting a silk liner.

We have all our gear. We've been collecting it over the past 3 years and testing it on various hikes. It's funny now though, when I go into a gear shop I already have everything I need - so I need to get that pre-hike buzz somewhere else! <sigh>

We leave in 2 months...it's gonna fly by!