View Full Version : VT LT: Transportation plan

05-27-2009, 20:57
I'm planning a 1 week hike of the VT LT in September. I will probably be solo. I expect to drop my car off at parking on VT Route 140. I then hope to hitchhike South to the southern terminus to do a NOBO hike back to my car. Is it reasonable to assume that I will be able to successfully hitchhike? If not, any suggestions?

05-27-2009, 21:09
Got off the trail at Front Royal in April and wanted to go into town to resupply and spend the night, my companion stuck out his thumb and the first vechicle that came up the road stopped and picked us up. I think people generally are willing to stop for an AT hiker and give them a lift.

05-28-2009, 00:31
I've done plenty of hitchhiking in Vermont - I think it's easier there than most other states. Longest continuous stretch I've hitched there was about 60 miles and it only took a few hours one afternoon. There's been numerous occasions where I've been walking along the road with my backpack, minding my own business, and people have pulled over and asked if I wanted a ride.

If you find your way to Manchester Center, from there I think you can take a bus at least as far as Bennington, maybe all the way to Williamstown.