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06-23-2004, 12:44
I'm taking my 15 yr old son for his first real backpack trip in July. Since I'm in Tampa, I guess well do GA or NC. July is not my ideal time to hike, but the only time I can get him for a week. I'd like to be near some water most days to A) cool off B) keep him from being bored to tears.
I was thinking about leaving the truck up north, and starting at Amicoala and heading north. There's the creek and falls at 3 forks, and some falls near Blood Mountain, after that I'm not sure.
The other scenario would be to start north/south of Nantahla Center and hike to it. Great place to spend a day and have fun. Can't remember if there are any cooling off places n/s of NOC.
Any thoughts or suggestions are appreciated.

PS 5 days out, 7-10 miles per day.
Also, is it possible to carry 5 days of food for the ravenous black hole teenagers call a stomach?

06-23-2004, 13:00
I think I would probably choose the NOC area. Arrange for a shuttle at NOC to take you to Fontana Dam, hike to NOC. Then take a day off for rafting. Then, take a day hike to Wesser Bald and back. You can either use the NOC bunkhouse as your base or the shelter just south of NOC. This gets you a chance to see Fontana Dam, the Fontana Hilton, and (if you get a clear day) a view from the Wesser Bald Observation tower, plus you're not carrying a full load for the hike up/down Wesser Bald.

max patch
06-23-2004, 14:37
With a novice teen who may get bored your idea of being near water is a good one. I think arranging a hike near the NOC is a great one; rent a raft/canoe/ducky and spend a day on the water and you also can rent a mountainbike and spend a day on the great trails in the area. Another possibility would be in the Damascus area; I recall swinging off a rope into the water hiking into Damascus; you can rent bikes and do the bike trail and Grayson Highlands is an hour or so away by car - hiking with the ponies is a different type of experience.

06-24-2004, 08:16
I had thought about Damascus ( mabe even asking a favor of Lone Wolf), but that would mean extra driving time( and some shuttle bribery beer for Lone Wolf :D ). I think I'll go with the southbound to NOC. Just have to look up who will shuttle from Noc to Fontana. Anyone know the facts about leaving a car at NOC?

Lone Wolf
06-24-2004, 08:20
Call Jeff and Nancy Hoch at The Hike Inn. They do shuttles in that area. 828-479-3677

06-24-2004, 08:26
Thanks Wolf, still would like to meet you. You offered to shuttle me last fall, but I would up in the White's. Hopefully on my 05 thru.......

Lone Wolf
06-24-2004, 08:34
I'll be here. Free shuttle.