View Full Version : Trying to link up with some friendly hikers in july

05-29-2009, 00:48
I plan on hitting the trail for the month of july once my summer class is finished. Im an experienced hiker and camper but only on limited 2 or 3 night trips. A good friend of mine is on the trail right now (morningwood/ turtle biscuit) and I hope to find him. Any advice on what part of the trial will have the big push of the march north bounders? I would definately like to be immersed in the hiker community as opposed to hiking alone.

Thanks to any that read and all who reply

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The Phoenix
06-03-2009, 16:00
i'd say most folks northbound starting in march would be between jersey and mass in early july... a good place for you to hope on may be around NY... and I don't know how long you got but NY to Maine would be a good little trek.

I haven't seen anyone with those trailnames... but I start mid-April and most folks I am around on the trail started mid-March...

It has been nothing short of amazing! I wish you all the best...

maybe I'll see you