View Full Version : Shaw's/Monson/SOBO

06-26-2004, 18:42
Hi All,

Just back from weed-whacking in Monson where I spent the night at Shaw's and ran into Single Track. He is well (I kept threatening to tell all of you that he was getting off! LOL) and SOBO to Harper's Ferry. He is taking a zero today with 3 other young SOBOs. Keith Jr. says they have had 4 NOBOs so far. Figuring Pie Lady (hope Keith Sr. doesn't read this) probably had as many that would be about 8 so far. Keith Sr. looks better than I have seen him in a couple of years though he gets out of breath very quickly. He still does the breakfast. Planning to go back up next weekend to scope out the AT corridor and will try to get an update.