View Full Version : Any March 14th starters around? unfinished?

Red Hat
06-26-2004, 19:12
Months ago I started at Springer on my Spring Break. I hiked off and on with a number of folks before heading back to Texas to finish the school year. I'm trying to see where they are and if any are still hiking. Most did not have trail names that early. How about it... rockhound? unfinished? liz(rainbow brite)? Smiley and He who makes her smile (my names for them)? the trio? Anyone know what happened to them?

06-26-2004, 23:46
i met rockhound near 501 shelter in pa about three weeks ago:)

Red Hat
07-01-2004, 10:46
Thanks for the info. I also read in Squish's journal on trailjournals.com that Rockhound is still going. Hope to hear more about him and any others from our little group.