View Full Version : mid/end of july kick in the pants?

mac attack
06-06-2009, 12:37
anyone looking to take off sometime around the 18th of july? (give or take a week?)

I am hoping to find someone that I can use to bounce ideas and plans off, and possible start the trail with a bang in ME since I cant seem to motivate anyone around me to care!

ive hiked large chunks in up north and led youth trips on the trail in the past, so i promise im not completely incompetent, just overwhelmed!

i feel like there's too much pressure to plan this A-Z...it's just hiking right?


06-06-2009, 14:50
It's just hiking, right.

Make some plans, realize that those plans will change, and hit the trail. Enjoy.

06-08-2009, 13:52
Hey mac attack, I sent you a message but not to savvy at this website so who knows if it works. I am leaving early july SOBO, and am equally overwhelmed. Send me a message or e-mail me. Jaredallenn@gmail.com. Love to help if I can.

Many Walks
06-08-2009, 15:31
It may be good to hook up with someone to bounce ideas off of, but with a mid July start time you should meet other SOBO's along the way that can lend each other support.

Look at the forums and find Jack Tarlins great work on resupply sites. Coordinate that with a data book.

Check out some SOBO Trail Journals.

Think of the thru as a series of week long hikes instead of a 5-6 month hike. Broken down into a lot of shorter segments the trail is much less overwhelming.

Plan for the clothes and gear you'll need immediately and expect to switch some of that out as weather warms, then cools again at the other end.

You have experience so pack your basic needs of food, shelter, and clothing without extra weight to bog you down. You can adjust as you move along.

You'll be fine, just prep the best you can and start hiking. Use your head and it will all come together for you along the way. Most of all, enjoy your hike!