View Full Version : Hikers against doo doo!!

06-28-2004, 23:24
No I am not making that title up!!HADD (http://www.haddusa.com/) See their plans for your very own throne (privy) plans for a privy made from a 55 gal drum ,why you can even buy a square inch of land in Maine ,and recieve a deed to prove it!! These folks truly have alot of S%^t with em!! Streamweaver

Mountain Dew
06-28-2004, 23:38
oh my.... That thread is bound to attrack 5,000 views. How can somebody not click on this and take a look. o.k. I confess that I only clicked on the thread to make sure it wasn't a slam on my trail name. I have a few enemy's on here and just wanted to make sure "doo doo" wasn't slang for Dew Dew... Funny stuff Streamweaver.

steve hiker
06-28-2004, 23:56
I bet those are the mean hikers who yell and bare their teeth and swing their sticks at me when I try to say hi and to see what's that they're eating. Well I'll show them, next time they stop at a shelter i'll lay a pile of doo doo in the trail to the privy right as it's getting dark, and they'll feel doo doo squish under their foot and howl so loud and stomp their feet it'll be so fun. :bse

06-29-2004, 00:05
Just Saran wrap the prive seat!! LOL Bet they get a LOAD outa that!!