View Full Version : Low Gap (421) to Damascus Camping

06-13-2009, 15:44
I'm planning this as an easy 15 mile overnighter next week for some friends, several of whom are first timers. I can see we'll want to bring plenty of water. I have 2 questions, plus I am open to any advice about the section.

1. How is the water at Abingdon Gap shelter at present? I was hoping to start the first five miles with less water and then fill up here for the rest of the trip.

2. I'd like the first day to be about 8-11 miles. Doesn't look like any camping spots listed. Given that we don't expect water, would there be a good chance of tent camping in this area?


Lone Wolf
06-13-2009, 15:52
there is plenty of water at abingdon gap shelter right now. been raining a lot for a few weeks

there's always some places to set up camp. i wouldn't worry

Cabin Fever
06-13-2009, 22:01
It's all National Forest in Tennessee and National Recreation Area in Virginia. Camp wherever you can find a spot.

With that said, the top of McQueen's Knob where the old fire tower was at and where the emergency shelter still stands has some good spots, but it is close to a country road which can lead to rowdy locals.

Not likely here though. It's way back in there.