View Full Version : Blueblaze hostel??

El Toro '94
06-16-2009, 19:03
Anyone remember the blueblaze???
It was some guy's garage/workshop with a couch, bunks and a fridge about 3 miles north of Rausch gap, 1/4 mile down a side trail. First night and 1 ice cream sammich was free, but donations were appreciated, kind of like Eckville.
Anyone kno what happened to it, as it isn't in any guides. Stayed there in 94 and ate more than my fair share of ice cream and would like to try to make it up to the guy that owned the place.

max patch
06-16-2009, 20:19
Ancient history. Hostel closed around 2000 when the trail was relo'd and the hostel went from 0.1 from the trail to 1-2 miles from the trail. Ann Tobias continued to do shuttles; last number I have was good 5 years ago 717.865.4045. Good luck.

06-16-2009, 21:53
If I recall correctly, Dick Tobias died several years ago...he was a great guy. He gave me a copy of his old map for the Stony Valley/Rausch Gap area that had hundreds of trails marked on it - I still haven't had time to hike them all.