View Full Version : Our 2009 section hike

Bear Cables
06-16-2009, 20:45
We just returned from our Newfound Gap to Fontana Dam section. Fabulous trek. All kinds of weather. This was my sister's first AT hike as well as her first mountain hike! She did great. Tweaked her knee going up Clingman's but figured out new methods of going downhill and had a great attitude about it all. Trip highlights...sheltering from the storm on Thunderhead Mountain. ( so appropriate!) , singing the LSU fight song on Rocky Top ( no respectable Tiger would ever sing Rocky Top;)),The view from Rocky Top and the meadow around it, seeing a mama bear and two cubs up mountain from us near Fontana. I invite ya'll to see the pictues I just posted. Oh and my trailname finally found me. I am now called "Jukebox". I'll change it on my profile soon. :banana