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10-19-2002, 14:51
I'll pass on a couple things I did to my equipment.

My pack (ArcTeryx Bora 80) has a detachable top lid which converts to fanny pack. I bought a 2 inch buckle/clip set to match the fanny pack and some 2 inch webbing. I had a shoemaker sew the clips to my pack straps just above the hip belt and now I carry the fanny pack as a belly pack. This is very handy for things you want to get at during the day. I never have to break into my main pack until I stop for night.

My kids bought me an Ursack Bear bag this spring for an anniversary present (my wife and I did our 25th this spring). Sure beats getting a silver tray! Anyways, I didn't like the heavy drawcord fastener so I replaced the cord with adhesive backed velcro to seal the top. It took a 12 inch strip. A shoemaker sewed it on permanently. Then I took a snap hook and some webbing and had him sew that to the bottom of the bag. Now when I hang it up by the snap hook the velcro-closed opening is on the underside and very hard for a mouse to break into.

10-19-2002, 18:47
neat Roger!

Thanks for the ideas !

Thanks also for the idea of the shoemaker to do the sewing!
I've found it a pain to try to sew on my pack with my singer.

They'll be getting some of my business soon. lol
:) Perkolady

12-03-2002, 15:50
For sewing in those hard-to-reach places, try a speedy-stitcher sewing awl - a hand sewing system that produces a locking stitch like a machine. It comes with a thick needle and waxed cotton thread, but sewing machine needles work also.

12-04-2002, 08:32
Hey Deb,
Where did you buy the speedy stitcher? I have been looking for one and can't find one anywhere.

12-04-2002, 09:37
I got mine 25 years ago. But I see them at EMS and REI all the time. Try mail order if there's no store near you. They work great for restitching patched tubular tires too.