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06-20-2009, 19:58
GOING WEST.......looking for you - 2009/06/10 22:27
am planning a trip from new york, out west, to the other coast, I am looking for a free spirited person who will share my joys and frustrations. I dont care if your a guy or girl, you probably may, Its odd enough to do something like this with a stranger not to mention a potential looney, yes I am guilty of being a guy, should you have second thoughts you should know that I''m near celebant, you might as well be going with your girlfriend, i wont lay a hand on you, we will exchange thoughts and pictures anyways and of course meet prior for planning and introductions. Here are the only motives I have, read if you must, but skip to the end if
you have this sort of thing in mind already:

Yes my mouth is a1faucet,let me drip some more.
I am not going purposefully ill prepared, we wont be drinking out own piss to conserve body fluids. There are lots of good people waiting for us to meet them. I want to do something meaningful, something right, I am hungry for raw human contact, I am yearning the simple life the year around. I want to embrace the earth before I embrace it for good. I want to have dirt under my nails, sun soaked into my skin, I want to hear the rumble of being in a solitary state, I want to love every rock, every loose leaf, where nothing is misplaced or a bad fit, every twig, every drop of dew is wed to its location, nature’s finely threaded web captures you, things fall and gravitate into their place by their core natures, there is no other way to put it as is the case when you juggle words to put together a sentence, I want to rub against all that barks, trees and such. Anyways yes high and mighty words, yes I am a little unrealistic and on the bookish side. But I want this more than anything, write me about yourself. I dont care what you do or dont do, if your in capacity to want it, you qualify. my e-mail is [email protected]

06-20-2009, 21:54
How I wish you the best on your quest...I too in the year of 72, stepped foot toward the Western shore. I was more on an adventure than a quest, I hear ya..
I got to see my firsts of many--elk, buffalo, antelope, prairie dog towns,ghost towns, Wall Drug, Yellowstone NP, fall in the Blackhills, Crazyhorse monument in it's early years, Deadwood, SD, my first petroglyphs, the Rocky Mts. as they soared high above me, the Colorado River at it's beginning and it's end. Felt the sand and sea of the Pacific, fished for crab, camped/cooked on a beach--a lot.
My first rodeo, got to go on a real cattle drive as a worker not as a tourist.
Branded, roped, fixed fence and slung a lott'a hash...worked on a shrimp boat in Galveston, log camp in Superior MT. and so many places inbetween. Seen, felt and walked amonst the "fields of grain", laid among the grasses of the praires.
I was your age once too and I never regretted it....GO!!!!:banana Even if by yourself...consider it a pilgramage for your soul. Stay on the " backroads" of America, they're the best....

06-20-2009, 22:17
I too am trying to figure out what to do with my summer. I was actually comtemplating going out west to volunteer for a trail maintaining crew. I am unemployed, and job prospects in these parts are pretty dismal. I need a change of pace. Would definitely like to talk with you about this journey. I have been out west many times and can be a good tour guide/planner for you. I think my biggest issue might be finances for a trip like this, depending on how long you will be gone. hit me up and lets discuss.

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