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Big Guy
07-03-2004, 21:39
Hiked from Dennis Cove South looking for the fire tower. Went in 2 hours and never saw the tower. Does anyone know if it is still there and where it is in relation to the trail relocation? :confused: It was raining and portions of the trail was stream. The rain did cool things off but afterward was like a sauna.
Big Guy

07-04-2004, 08:49
Yo Big Guy

i, along with "TeePee", section-hiked Carvers Gap north to Hampton,TN last September (2003)...& according to the A.T.Data book (2001 version) there is a fire tower on White Mtn in this section....we hiked up & over & was greatly disappointed not to see/find a fire tower but a "new communications" tower!

i talked to a ranger later in the day & he said the fire tower hadnt been used in quite a few years & was "falling apart"....so, it was dis-mantled & a communications tower was erected for the park service/forestry service & other area squads.

Big Guy
07-04-2004, 09:39
Jaybird: Thanks for the info. At least I am not so old that I'm blind to seeing a fire tower even though Iwas hiking without my glasses since it was raining. Thanks again.

07-19-2004, 23:28
We just did the 19E to Dennis Cove section as a long day hike. There has been a lot of trail relocation on this section and it is not in the guide books or official trail data books yet. We thought it was about 20 miles but turned out to be more than 23 miles (ouch). Took us 13 hours. Anyway the trail no longer goes up to the firetower or the near by cell tower. It has been move off the summit. We hiked up from Dennis Cove to the fire tower/cell tower and summit of White Rocks last summer. The reverse hike was very different this summer.