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07-04-2004, 10:16
2000 Miles to Maine DVD NEW, IMPROVED!
Since 2000 Miles to Maine was selling so well, I ordered 1000! (gulp) professionally pressed with a fancy cover design :-) I also threw in a bit of new music too. As seen at the ALDHA Gathering and ATC Meeting, check out this page (http://homepage.newschool.edu/~at2k/) if you're interested.

Some Feedback : (http://homepage.newschool.edu/~at2k/feedme.htm)

The DVD arrived today in great shape. I've already watched it twice! Thanks for your hard work and devotion to the project, and thanks for getting it out to me in such a quick manner. It is a great piece of work!

the vid is cool. it brought back some very deep memories for me and has ignited my soul for another pilgrimage hopefully next year. what i liked best was how you illustrated the authenticity of the trail-- ALL the walks of life (no pun intended), both good and not so good-- the magnetism that this trail holds for people (heald being a prime example), the culture and the glamorization of such an intense undertaking. it is insightful, comical, and among other things, downright inspiring. well i just wanted to say mad props for putting it together. I loved the video and have showed it to several friends who liked it as well. This has given me a good deal more perspective and will help me decide for sure to do my AT hike next year. I was very impressed

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