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06-26-2009, 12:54
Hey folks,

Myself and a buddy will be doing a 4 nighter in Kings Canyon NP in Sept. Any recommendations on favorite spots? I've been on the AT many times but this will be my first time visiting the PCT... I am pretty excited! :banana Thanks,

- Greg

06-26-2009, 15:08
Visiting Sequoia/Kings Canyon NP(s) does not mean you need to be on the PCT. Lots of other trails in these NPs. Do you intend on hiking along the PCT in Kings Canyon NP? Do you want some highlights from along the PCT in Kings Can. NP that I don't think you should miss? That would be easy. ALL OF IT! I guess what I'm asking is, do you have a route already planned or are you looking for suggestions on routes too?

06-26-2009, 16:08
Hike right along the main river and up through the pass and back around...I did a 6 night out there as a kid!!! Trout fishing at Rock lake at 9k is awesome

06-26-2009, 17:14
Haha - I'd love to do all of it! I'd like to visit the PCT, but I guess at the same time, if you had any suggestions for other trails.

We don't have a route planned, and we have plenty of time to plan one as we're going there in September, but this will be one of my buddy's first trip out west, and he is looking for a 3-4 day trip that will be "epic" I guess. He is in decent shape, but is rarely at elevation (he lives in NJ).

Also, is backcountry camping in Kings Canyon on the PCT limited to designated campgrounds? I know when I did a week in Glacier NP it was designated campgrounds only... I have assumed this is the same for Kings Canyon.

Thanks for the help, Dogwood!

06-26-2009, 19:44
Epic, for a first timer to Kings Can., NP huh? Come in through Kearsarge Pass via Onion Valley, stop by Charlotte Lake do a little fishing, go up and over Forestor Pass, go by Tindall Creek, across Bighorn Plateau to possibly sight what the place was named for, take JMT west at Crabtree Meadow, summit Mt Whitney, and exit via Whitney Portal into Lone Pine area. Hitch back to car left at Onion Valley TH or leave car near Lone Pine and hitch to Kearsarge TH. Easy getting hitch from Whitney Portal parking lot into Lone Pine. That would be a great 4 days!

Alternatively, via Kearsarge Pass, could hike north at Charlotte Lake instead of south on the PCT/JMT and hit: Rae Lakes(pretty fishing spots), Pinchot and Mather Passes, and head out through Bishop Pass via beautiful Dusy Basin. Hitch a ride at South Lake into Lone Pine. This route takes you into one of my favorite canyons in the whole park - Le Conte Canyon. The view of LeConte Canyon from atop the Bishop Trail is like a minny Whitney Portal view.

Camping is not designated in Kings/Sequoia NPs backcountry, but it's hard to pass up all the memorably scenic and epic established campsites along the way.

06-26-2009, 20:18
The above trip through Kearsarge would be spectacular but i think you will find that the altitude may cause problems. For such a short trip, you have no time to acclimate to 12,000 foot and long climbs at that altitude. Might make for more problems than it's worth.

Possibly coming in from the west side would give you some hikes down lower.
Of course you would have to sacrifice the awesome views up on top.

Another option is to go in around Mammoth Lakes and maybe come out at Red's Meadow (not quite as high elevation as Dogwood's suggestion or as spectacular, but perhaps more doable for some flatlanders)

06-26-2009, 23:29
I think the Rae Lakes loop is pretty much perfect for 4 days. I would take 3-4 weeks and stay a lot longer if I were you though.

09-21-2009, 14:38
As the date as come and finally passed, I thought I'd fill you in on our trip. It was only 2 nights 3 days, but we headed up to Pear Lake in Sequoia NP. Camped there both nights, did a lot of day hiking, fishing, and relaxing. The stars were unbelievable the first night... shooting stars were out... probably one every 1-2 minutes.

For pictures, check out here:


Thanks y'all for your help and whatnot. Best,

- Greg