View Full Version : Google Trends on the Appalachian Trail (Mark Sanford related)

Johnny Swank
06-26-2009, 16:52
The ATC owes Mr. Sanford dinner I'd say. You can't buy this kind of publicity!




06-26-2009, 18:06
Hopefully "Hiking on the AT" won't become slang for cheating on your wife.

But to paraphrase a book title, you could say "The AT is a Harsh Mistress".

Johnny Swank
06-26-2009, 19:21
:) Could be a new jingle for the ATC in the making.

12-30-2009, 23:53
I just read Dave Barry's Year In Review: 2009 (http://www.miamiherald.com/living/columnists/dave-barry/v-fullstory/story/1397654.html), and it includes 5 separate references to "Hiking the Appalachian Trail", each used as code for ~marital infidelity. Hopefully my wife and friends will believe that I really am in fact, hiking the AT this coming year.

Besides, I don't even know anyone who lives in Argentina. And I don't speak espanol, ni una palabra. Pues, okay, quiza unas palabras, pero ...

12-31-2009, 20:46
This "Dave Barry's Review of 2009" is absolutely hilarious. It is the funniest thing I have read in a long time. You have to read every word, or you miss something. I hope all our pompous politicians (and also our celebrity crooks, and our philandering celebrities) read this.
The AT gets some humourous ribbing, but that is OK. Maybe more people will want to find out what the AT really is.