View Full Version : Help identify 1981 Thru Hikers

Miss Janet
06-29-2009, 20:36
I just posted acouple of scanned newspaper pics of some hikers I met back in 1981... Dang I was just a child then!! Does anyone know these guys? I think that this DIZZY guy was the first time I ever heard a trailname.

TJ aka Teej
06-29-2009, 21:16
Cotton tees and external frame packs? Geez... coulda been almost anybody! :O)

06-29-2009, 21:34
don't know them. I do know a 1980 thru hiker, buddy alexander from Stoney Point, NC. I first met Buddy in the Smokies when I travelled 600 miles for a section hike. He was severely sunburned from laying out in the mt sun. 5 months later I moved to NC, and when I joined some friends for rock climbing, there's Buddy, leading the climbing exercise. Then later worked a job with his wife. Prime example of a small world.

I'm looking for some 1980 sobos, Tim and Rick.

02-19-2010, 16:59
Miss Janet, My name was the Ridge Running Rat believe it or not I hiked with Dizzy from Mt Springer to Cloverdale in 1981. As soon as I can figure out how to see the picture Ill know if it was the same one. He was one of a kind lol so I doubt it. I hope you read this and I can see that photo

02-19-2010, 17:10
My goodness what a laugh! That picture of Duane Dempsey is ME! lol What paper was it in? Were you in our 1981 group? Oh to be that young again!!

Miss Janet
02-21-2010, 16:00
I wasn't hiking I was just out of high school and living in Erwin, Tn. Those years I was often "cruising" which in Erwin meant driving from one car wash at one end of town to the car wash at the other end of town. I often picked up hikers and drove them into town to do thier chores. My Daddy had forbidden me to pick up hitch hikers so I always argued that you weren't hitch hikers... you were hikers... hitching! I very well may have given you both a ride in an old green station wagon with fake wood panels on the side. Yeah, I was cool in my Moma's car!!

02-21-2010, 18:00
our trail aint shi* without miss janet and freaks like these. they are so bob ed.

02-21-2010, 21:26
Thanks for the ride! In 1981 I never had a problem hitching into town. Did get a ride from a couple of drunk (I think) guys in Virginia though. Was glad when the ride was over. I wonder if it as easy today.

02-21-2010, 21:43
By the way, Jay Dizicomo did indeed carry a banjo lashed to his pack. He went by the trail name of Dizzy (him) and Rosebud (the banjo). I used to call him "TWANG" for when he didn't duck low enough under a blow down. That banjo took alot of abuse. The banjo made the nights around the campfire a blast. Other hikers would find out what shelter we were stopping at so they could join us at the fire. One night in Newport Virginia we went into town for a "Quick" stop. I noticed a bar and convinced the bar tender to give free beers to Dizzy while he played. Since I was his manager me too. We left the bar after midnight and somehow found our way to the next shelter out of town. Dizzy left the trail at Cloverdale as he had to work at a summer camp in upstate N.Y. I left him at the truck stop sitting by the interstate with a cardboard sign, Playing his banjo.