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07-06-2004, 20:36
Over the fourth I set up in a campground with limited trees to use for hammocking (don't ask-it involves big RV's and electric hookups)

Anyway, I rigged my hammock (HH Explorer) between two trees about 30 feet apart. In order to get the "sag" out of the line a used a truckers hitch and really torqued it. In fact, the nylon line inside the HH that provides support for the skeeter netting snapped....Doh!

Anyone have a similiar experience? What's a good rule of thumb on the overall tension? How about a guideline for the interior line for the netting?
I think I was just too far apart on the trees, and the thing was gonna sag either way....

I did like the comment my youngest boy made- "Hey Dad, is it supposed to make that loud, popping sound?":banana

07-06-2004, 21:34
I broke my ridge line too - (don't ask) - and sent it back to Hennessey for repair. At the time I asked them to replace it with something stronger and they used a cord that is 900 lb. test. I like the new configuration best.

Usually when I tension my Hennessey, I pull it quite tight (no trucker's hitches) - then climb in and have a short nap - then re-tension to take the stretch out - sometimes it takes a couple of naps :) But I don't know if that would work with tie points 30 ft. apart.

07-06-2004, 21:37

Sorry to hear about your mishap. I would recommend contacting Hennessy and ask them what your options are. I have always heard excellent things about their customer support. Their contact info is on the bottom part of the home page of their web site at: http://www.hennessyhammock.com/ .


07-06-2004, 22:13
30 feet is too far, shoot for 12-20ft.

if you have an older HH model with the realy slick ridgeline try one of these:

scroll down and look on the right side of the page for Power Grip by Clamcleat
or the aluminum rigging tool...i've used a plastic version for boardsailing for years.

In theory with the asym HH's and even a regular Myan hammock you will tension the entire hammock when you shift to the asym laying position, it will not tension to the degree you intend with pulling the ridgelines.

I found myself tensioning too much with the Speer and learned to lay off a bit, I was used to pulling really tight as with the HH....you will find a happy medium the more you use it

07-06-2004, 23:39
I think I was trying to overcome all the stretch in the extra line. I added a 8 foot section of 3/4" nylon "tug of war" rope that the kids play with around camp.

I'll set it up in the backyard and find the right setting. This website is excellent!

07-07-2004, 08:24
Another idea that I came across for hammocking in campgrounds with limited tree options - use a support pole and tie one end to a vehicle. Link: Hammocking with a pole (http://www.imrisk.com/hammock/singlepolehammock.htm) Obviously not something one would actually hike with but if one is car camping then it is no biggie to bring along a support pole.

Hammock Hanger
07-07-2004, 08:28
I had to use trees that were that far apart in Boiling Springs. I just tied as high up on the tree as I could reach and pulled the hammock so that it was a straight line across w/o putting so much pressure on it that it "SNAPPED" :). Of course having that much line out there I did end up sagging and hanging approximately 10 inches of the ground. Apparently there was enough room for a homeless lady to crawl under and get out of the rain. (weird) -- I asked Tom H once about how taut I should pull the hammock when putting it up. He said it should have enough pressure to have the inside guideline straight but NOT to pull it really really tight, can you guess why, oops, guess you can. So keep it straight enough to pull out any sag but not tight enough to put any pressure on it. -- the taking a nap idea and then re-tieing after the rope has stretched a bit is a good practice. -- PS: as stated above Tom is very customer oriented. Sue/HH