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07-01-2009, 19:54
Can someone near Burlington Vermont pick up an item for me and mail it to me. I will paypal you for the cost of the item, 10.00, and for the shipping. I would really appreciate it -- thanks Rootball.
Pm me at my brothers house if you might be willing.
[email protected]

07-01-2009, 20:01
::searches craigslist for burlington vt camping gear::

07-01-2009, 20:12
The list of Whiteblazers that have totem on their ignore list. He might set a record before long.

07-01-2009, 20:18
Its legal, by the way. Not trying to start an interstate smuggling operation from my computer - its just some camping related parts.

07-02-2009, 16:45
Oh relax I was being funny. I recognized immediately what was going on, i've had somebody get things for me in Germany because the seller wouldn't ship them. Cheeseburger in a can to be exact.

Besides, you didn't really ignore me. You're currently reading this.

Bump for Exposure!

07-02-2009, 20:17
Shoot, wish I had gotten this earlier. Was up there on the 22nd. Sorry

07-02-2009, 20:51
Cheesburger in a can? Count me in.

Anywho, pm sent, I'm in the area